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                3D Card

                Parrot 3D Card

                Once opened an adorable parrot perching on a tree emerges.  Occasions for Parrot 3D Card:  Gift the Parrot to anyone with the gift of gab, your (not-so-buried) treasure, or your most trusted travel companion.  Size:  13x15.5cm/5.12x6.1'' Package:  1 x 3D Card    

                Santa Delivering Presents 3D Card

                Once opened a Santa with presents comes out.  Occasions for Santa Delivering Presents Card:  Want to surprise your kids before Christmas. This is the perfect gift to your friends and your families.  Size:  15.5 x 12.5cm/ 6.1 x 4.9 inch Package:  1 x 3D Card with Envelope          

                Wedding 3D Card

                Once opened a wedding is being hold. The bride and the groom are hugging each other.  Occasions for Wedding 3D Card:  Love is what we live for, and as there are many kinds of love, let us celebrate them all! Size: Package:   1 x 3D Card     

                Eagle 3D Card

                Once opened a red Eagle comes up perching on a small hill.  Occasions for Eagle 3D Card:  Give the Eagle design to an especially patriotic relative on the Fourth of July, a retired veteran on their birthday, or any lover of the very, very great outdoors. Size: 15*15cm   Package: 1pc 3D Card + 1pc envelope   

                Dragonfly 3D Card

                Inside the elegant Dragonfly card, an intricately-detailed dragonfly is perched upon a pink flower.  Occasions for this Dragonfly Card:  In literature, dragonflies are often symbolic of courage, strength, and happiness. Give the Dragonfly pop up to someone who has been your rock or mentor in life just because. They have been there for you when you needed a helping hand...

                Willow Love 3D Card

                Open the card and an enchanting scene comes to life. A soaring willow tree with branches brimming with detail pops up and surrounds a couple in love. In the foreground, a man and a woman in love hold hands as they stand on a charming little bridge. Occasions for Willow Love Card:  This card is a Valentine's Day gift he...

                The Arrow of Cupid 3D Card

                Once opened a heart aimed by the arrows of two cupids emerges.  Occasions for The Arrow of Cupid Card:  The Arrow of Cupid Card is not only an excellent choice for the Valentine’s day, but it also serves as a great engagement card or anniversary gift.  Use it to tell that special someone that how much you in love with him/her...

                Playing Football 3D Card

                Once opened it reveals  a football player is getting a score.  Occasions for the Beer Card: Give your football guy on their birthday or as a congratulations gift for winning an important match. Delight your coach with this design on their retirement or simply to say thank you for another sensational season.  Size:  15*10cm Package:  1 x 3D Card  ...

                Helicopter 3D Card

                Once opened the card reveals a three-dimensional Helicopter landing at an airport. Occasions for the Helicopter Card: This card is perfect for any occasion. It is blank and contains a fantastic  Helicopter paper sculpture within - this card is more about the recipient than the occasion. Give it to a pilot on his or her birthday, send one to a helicopter...